Monday, May 4, 2009

To Ubin and Back (The People)

By "People", I don't really mean taking photos of how people on Ubin live their lives. Yes, I do have a few shots in that sort of direction, like this:

(Okay, so he's one of the uncles who pilot the boats to and from Ubin, but I think it counts.)

A few shots of visitors to the island as well:

But the majority are of the group of people whom I went to Ubin with - fellow photographers.

There were a few candid "group shots" too:

Looks as if they were waiting for some big celebrity to pass by...

Trying to fit into the narrow area at the edge of the highest point to take good shots of the scenery (while being careful not to fall off).

It was a fun experience, going out with fellow photographers and making friends with them. I shall wait expectantly for the next outing.

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