Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sidetrack to Chinatown

After the "Glass/Reflection" themed Tangshooters outing on Sunday, when the whole group of us were on the way to the MRT station, we got sidetracked by the sunset, and headed for one of the HDB blocks facing the CBD. Went up to the 24th floor, then realized that the sunset was in the other direction. Then someone found that the roof access was open, and most of them went up to take a look. I, having a fear of heights, decided not to risk it. Instead, it took pictures of the direction of the CBD instead.

However, lacking tripod and a UWA lens, I didn't come up with anything really interesting. (To see my UWA shots, see my flickr - Chinatown Nights I and II)

I did experiment a bit, and managed this :

(Not perfect, but I think it looks cool :D)

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