Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cloudy Mornings

Decided to update my blog once more...

I went to the Marina Barrage with a group of photographers on Saturday morning to shoot the sunrise, but all we got was a cloudy sky, with barely any trace of the sun rising.

Some of the others managed rather nice looking images with longer exposures (probably because they had ND filters to cut light or something), but this was all that I got :

I did have two or three images where I managed to capture the sun in the short instance where it did show from behind the clouds, but they didn't look very nice, so I won't post them here.

Two other of my "nicer" photos that I managed from the trip that morning :

#1 - Danger

#2 - World

I'll probably be heading back to the barrage before too long, since I still haven't managed to get the shots I wanted...

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