Monday, May 25, 2009

Glass : Reflections, Refractions, and Other Shiny Things

Went for yet another Tangshooters outing last evening. It was a rather major one, with over thirty people gathering together at Raffles Place. From there, we walked and shot all the way to Tanjong Pagar. I'm sure the people who were around must have wondered about our large group of photographers.

In any case, here's five of my photos which I'll also be posting on Clubsnap :

#1 - Twin Illuisions

#2 - Visions In Stone

#3 - Grid of Glass

#4 - Double Vision

#5 - Warped Distortions

Overall, it was a tiring, but really fun outing.

(The Chinatown minor-shoot will be posted separately)

And before I end this post, a special mention : Sprintist, the organizer of the outing :)

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