Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Punggol Beach

Went to Punggol Beach on Sunday with the family. We met my sister's friends while there, and I and my sis went with them to take photos.

Some of the shots that I took:

Flowers :

Rusted Cans :

Trees :

Then there was the sunset, which was in a way, the "Highlight" of the day.

Once more, I combined photos to get my final images. I seem to be getting a little addicted to Panoramas.

(Yes, this is also a merged image, although it's more of a square than a panorama.)

As my experimentations continued, I have found out how the merging can still fail miserably when you put the photos together, and realise that they don't fit due to blurring, difference in lighting, etc.

Well, to look on the positive side, it will mean that I'll have to practice more on taking the multiple shots that a panorama requires.

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