Friday, July 31, 2009

Fireworks and Rain

Several days before I was due to fly to Sydney, a friend called and asked if I wanted to catch the NDP preview and shoot some fireworks. I, already having the desire to do just that, agreed.

So on 11 Jul 09, one day before I flew, I met up with my friends to shoot the fireworks of the NDP Rehersal that was held that evening.

The sky was overcast long before it got dark, but there was no rain. In fact, by 745pm or so, the sky had started clearing up somewhat.

Our relief, however, was shortlived.

The very moment the fireworks start, not too long after 8pm, so the the dounpour. Yep, Downpour. As people started dashing for the nearest shelter (Which wasnt all too near, for we were at the middle portion of the Esplanade Bridge), my friends and I used our umbrellas, in a rather hopeless attempt, if I might add, to shelter our cameras while we continued to shoot the fireworks.

After most of the fireworks were done, we too, dashed for cover. The end result, we got pretty wet, our lenses got a little wet, but at least we managed a few shots worth putting online.

Here are mine:

#1 - Colours of the Nation

#2 - Vivid Green

#3 - Fireworks and Rain

#4 - Rain of Joy

This photo makes me think of "Feu de joie" for some reason...

#5 - Light Sparks

Some of the blurred parts and the bokeh like bits in the photos is actually rainwater that had gotten onto my lens.

Of course, the above are not my only shots. I have several other shots that were mostly too blurred to be posted.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Settling Down

It's been more than 2 weeks in Sydney.

My internet has finally been set up, and I'd start updating the blog again soon.

Stay tuned, as I clear up my backlog of photos...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off to Sydney...

By the end of today, I'll be on my way to Sydney, starting my university education at UNSW...

There'll be lots of things to miss about Singapore, but hopefully, I'll have a good time there studying (And taking photos, of course).

I probably would not have time to update for a while, and I already have a pile of stuff that's backlogged...