Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Explorations of Punggol

Yesterday afternoon, I went out on what was supposed to be a photo outing to Punggol with a few other CS-ers. We wanted to look for the places where several others had taken wonderful photos of, and take some photos ourselves.

However, it became one extremely long hike around a huge area of undeveloped Punggol and the coastline. I didn't realise that such a large area of undeveloped land still existed. We didn't take any photos while on the "hike", but we sure got lots of exercise.

When we finally ended up at Punggol beach, we were all pretty exhausted. But it was at the beach that we got our first and only subject to photograph:

According to a friend, it's a Collared Kingfisher. We got quite a number of shots, as it was flying around the rocks, presumably searching for it's dinner.

As the maximum range of my lens was only 200mm, I had to do plently of cropping to get the above images, so they're not as nice as it would have been if I had a longer lens of 300mm and above.

Well, plans for the future, I guess.

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