Sunday, November 29, 2009


Just bought my 580EXII. Now to learn how to use it well...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in SG

I'm back in Singapore for the (Australian) summer holidays...

This blog, unfortunately, is piling up on updates that I should have done months ago, but did not do due to busy schedules in uni. Hopefully, I'll update all the posts soon (Yes, there's a lot of them...)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post-exam City Walk

Finished my final paper for the exams (and the semester), and the first thing I decided to do was to head to Sydney CBD to take photos (Okay, actually I decided before the paper...).

Took the bus to Circular Quay, without any clear plan of what I was going to do, except may wait for the sunset. After hanging around the area for a short while, taking random shots of the Opera House, I decided to go round the corner to Dawes Point and Millers Point to take a look (and take photos) of some of the stuff I had learnt about in GEOS 2641.

Walsh Bay

Urban Renewal of Old Wharves

By the time I was at Walsh Bay, the sky was already rapidly becoming overcast, but I just decided to continue walking around and taking photos until the rain came.

Millers Point

From Walsh Bay, I headed to Millers Point, and finally found out where Barangaroo was.

Barangaroo Tower

View from Millers Point to Hickson Road and Barangaroo

Millers Point was a pretty interesting location, with all its gentrified Victorian housing (I think its Victorian anyway, lol), tucked in a quiet corner not 5 minutes from the CBD.

Country home in the City

Gentrified Houses

While looking around the place, the rain finally came. I sought shelter, then decided to walk down to Darling Harbour to get a bus to return home. It was a really long walk...(Route taken: Circular Quay - Dawes Point - Millers Point - Darling Harbour)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sculptures by the Sea

Went down to Bondi with the UNSW Photoclub for the annual "Sculptures by the Sea". There were many interesting works of art; in fact, the event itself was interesting, as it used the beautiful coastline from Bondi to Tamarama as an outdoor art gallery.

One of the funny exhibits that I really liked was the one that looked like actual direction signs. Including the one below:

There were many other pieces of artwork, but I won't be posting them here, mainly as I don't think my shots are nice enough to reflect how the actual artworks are like.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A facination with waves...

Over the months, I went to Coogee Beach and the coastal walk several times, and I kept attempting take photos of the waves ~




This one has a faint rainbow in it:


Hope to take more (and better) photos of waves ~