Monday, June 8, 2009

Lower Pierce Reservoir

Another overdue post...

Actual Date : 01 Jun 09 (Last Monday)

Yes, I know that this over a week late. But at least it's only a week late; I'm forcing myself to write this entry so that I won't have too much of a backlog.

Well, on the evening of the 1st of June, I went with my parents to Lower Pierce Reservoir. I was there to get the sunset; They wanted to catch some prawns to keep in glass containers at home.

This was actually my second time to the reservoir in recent times; The last time I was there, it was overcast, so there was no sunset. This time however, the reservoir was rather calm, and the sky was mostly clear, so I got a good one.

Photos from that evening :

Part 1 - Pre-sunset / Sunset

#1 - Mirror of Water

#2 - Sunset by the Bridge

#3 - Red Sun

Part 2 - Post-sunset / Twilight

#4 - By the Lakeside

#5 - Tranquil Waters

#6 - Afterglow

Went home after it got dark (Couldn't think of anything to shoot in the dark).

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