Sunday, June 28, 2009

APAD and other matters

My APAD thread (Here) recently surpassed the 10000 view mark. It's an accomplishment, I guess, and a good one.

Maintaining a constant flow of daily photographs for the thread, whether taken or edited on the day, is no easy task. Well, I found it okay most of the time, especially after I had left NS and had more free time to concentrate on my photography.

Now, however, I seem to have come to a bit of a block. My recent photographs aren't of my usual standards; Blurred shots, photos with no proper composition, etc. In addition, I'm a little short of ideas as well.

Maybe the fact that I'm starting University soon (In a foreign country too...) is causing me more worry than I really know (I'm feeling anxious/nervous/excited/confused?).

I really do hope to improve and take better photos, not just so that I can maintain my APAD, but so that I can show people (and myself) that photography is something that I can be good at.

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