Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Having seen many beautiful photos of fireworks, I have always wanted to shoot fireworks myself. Before I had my DSLR, I have tried once or twice, but never really achieving much.

On Saturday, together with fellow CSers, I went to shoot the closing event for the Singapore Arts Festival 09, Crackers!.

It was my first proper attempt at shooting fireworks, so I was suitably anxious. I didn't have a remote, but a friend lent me hers (It was a spare). In the end the remote didn't work well, so I used the timer instead.

Here are my photos from that evening (In no specific order of appearance) :

#1 - Burst of Light

#2 - Extravaganza

#3 - Blues and Greens I

#4 - Celebrations

#5 - Two Sides

#6 - Blues and Greens II

#7 - Feathers

#8 - Rainbow Lights

#9 - Rings of Fire

#10 - Pyrotechnic Arcs

#11 - Red Sprinkles

#12 - Final Bursts

Overall, it was a great expierence. Although I do wish I could have shot better, I am satisfied with most of the results I got (It's just my first time after all).

Many thanks to Xhui and Ryan for their help and teaching, without which I might not have managed as well as I did :)

Can't wait to shoot more fireworks!

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