Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flowers in the West

On 05 SEP 09, I went for a Tri-alliance photoclub outing (UNSW, UTS, USYD) to a park in Concord West.

The outing started out on a funny note, as we missed the train that we were supposed to get on at Central station as we were waiting for one guy, not knowing that he was waiting at a different part of the station, and had to wait for the next train, which was half an hour later...

Flowers of Spring

At Concord West, we spent quite some time walking through the suburb to get to the park, whic hI found to be a rather random place. But happily, I did get some nice photos of flowers, even as we rapidly lost sunlight (The longer days of summer had yet to arrive)...

Petals in Purple

Orange Flowers

To the Treetop

While at the park, we also saw some curious (and probably hungry) Cockatoos wandering around...


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