Friday, September 25, 2009

Fieldtrip around Sydney - GEOS 1601

Pyrmont Waterfront

On 19 SEP 09, I went fot a near full-day field trip for my GEOS 1601 module, which went to several different parts of Sydney. For me, it was an interesting learning experience, and very useful as well, being an international student who was new to the city.

The locations that we went to were (chronologically): Sydenham, Ashfield, Fairfield, Cabramatta, and Pyrmont. Of all these places, I had only been to Pyrmont before, so everything else was new to me.

The top photo is a panorama of the Pyrmont waterfront, formed by combining 12 photos. I think it was the best one of the entire field trip (I also used it for my GEOS assignment, and it did really well :D ).

Bottom photo is another panorama of the Pyrmont waterfront (in the other direction).

Pyrmont Waterfront

(I think I liked Pyrmont the most, so both photos in this post are of the place :P)

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