Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fieldtrip to La Perouse - GEOS 3921

The field trip for my GEOS 3921 module was to Congwong Bay, La Perouse, south of Sydney. Once again, it was interesting, as I had not been to the place before.

Congwong Bay

Went down to the beach area to learn about foredune systems, vegetation types, weed management, etc...

I found the place to be rather scenic.

Peaceful Isolation

From the beach area lesson, we went inland and learnt about mid- and hind-dune systems and associated vegetation and management issues...

After that (which was actually the majority of the field lesson itself), our lecturer took us to look at the Henry Head fortifications, which were part of the WWII era bunker system of the area.

The track there was quite far, but quite scenic at parts:


The ruins itself were quite interesting (to me, at least):

Henry Head Fortifications

...and the view from Henry Head was also very nice.

Wild Tranquility

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