Sunday, September 20, 2009

Floriade Vistas - A trip down to Canberra

Floriade 09 - Pale Spring

From 11 - 13 September, I went on a trip with a groups of UNSW Photoclub members to Canberra for the Floriade Festival (Among other things).

Floriade 09 - Blossoms Spectacular

There were really quite a lot of flowers to be seen and photographed (though not as much as I had imagined).

Floriade 09 - Seek the Sun

Floriade 09 - Field of Tulips

The three days was pretty fun, and apart from the Floriade, we visited a twilight market, a museum, and Australia's new Parliament House, which was rather impressive looking, I'd have to say.

Day View:
Government Central

Night View:
Parliament Nightscape

Before we left Canberra on the third day, we also visited the Telstra tower, which gave us panoramic views of the city and its surrounds (Click the thumbnails for large images).

Parliament Nightscape

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