Sunday, March 22, 2009

Destinations USA 08 - DAY 9 / 10 /11 - The Journey Home

On to the final post for the trip...

At San Francisco's Airport (Day 9):

Our gate:

Our flight was SQ 001, and the first flight of 2009 to boot, flying off at 0005 Hrs on 01 Jan 09 (Day 10).

Cos of that, we got a special gift of chocolates:

From San Francisco, we flew across the Pacific to our transit stop in Hong Kong. Unfortunately for us, flying back across the International Date Line meant that our New Year's Day was approximatly only 4 Hrs long...

We reached Hong Kong on Day 11.

Transiting in Hong Kong:

Our Plane in Hong Kong:

From Hong Kong, we flew back to Singapore, and were home...

Our plane at Changi Airport:


The End.

Finally finished posting the "Photo Journal" of the US Trip... 3 months late...

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