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Destinations USA 08 - DAY 8 - From Las Vegas to San Francisco

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Waking up before dawn:

We had to wake early on this day, as we had a domestic flight to catch.

We left our hotel in Las Vegas in the morning, and headed for the city's airport, which wasn't far.

Passing by the MGM Grand:

The airport only served one airline: Southwest Airlines.

Talk about absolute monopoly...

As the airport was very close to the city, we could see parts of the strip even when we were sitting in the plane, waiting for take off:

Our flight was just under 2 Hrs, to the city of San Jose, from which we would travel by coach to San Francisco.

When our plane approached San Jose to land, we saw that the entire area was shrouded in a thick layer of fog:

It looks really mysterious from above...

From below, it just looks wet and grey.

From the airport, the coach brought us along the Pacific coast (first sight of the ocean)... Montery Bay (or harbour), where the old fisherman's wharf was located.

We saw some seagulls...

...and had our lunch:

At the restaurant, we had clam chowder, which tasted wonderful.

(Note the fact that I do not like clams, or any other shellfish, for that matter.)

They also had some of the best seafood...

After lunch, we headed to Cannery Row:

...which had more seagulls:

...and chocolate :)

After buying loads of chocolate and taking more photos of seagulls, we headed to the 17 mile drive, which was a scenic drive along the coastline.

We stopped a several points for photos...

(Seal Rock)

(Lone Cypress)

We caught the last bits of sunset at the Lone Cypress, and the colours of the sky were really beautiful.

From the Lone Cypress, we headed to Pebble Bay, which was a world famous golf resort, for a toilet break and souvenirs.

(Night has fallen...)

From Pebble Bay, it was a long drive all the way to San Francisco, where we arrived in the night.

To be continued...

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