Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Destinations USA 08 - DAY 6 - Grand Canyon

Continuing on once again...

Day 6 started really, really, early, as we were going to the Grand Canyon to catch the sunrise.

After travelling a short distance by coach, we walked through the snow...

... to reach the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:

The snow and ice on the top of the canyons added a difference to the usual red rocks, but it was as beautiful and wonderful to look at.

More photos from the South Rim:


The very crowded viewing area:

After we were done at the South Rim, we headed back near Tusayan to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon:

Flying towards the canyon...

...and over the canyon:

Then we headed back across the forests, over Tusayan...

...and back to the airfield, thus ending our visit to the Grand Canyon. The visit, I feel, was far too short to fully enjoy and expierence the wonders of the place, so I hope to be back in the future...

Anyway, the rest of the day will be continued in the next post.

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