Sunday, March 1, 2009

Destinations USA 08 - DAY 4 / 5 - Travelling and Shopping

As stated in the title, Days 4 and 5 of the trip consisted of long bus journeys and stops for factory outlet shopping. The somewhat inexact itinerary of the two days was :

LA - Palm Springs - Barstow - Laughlin - Williams - Tusayan

This also meant that we crossed 3 states - California (CA), Nevada (NV), and Arizona (AZ)


Stage 1 - LA to Palm Springs:

Hills and mountains along the Highways...

Shopping stop at Palm Springs: The Desert Hills Premium Outlet Shopping

Stage 2 - Palm Springs to Barstow:

The landscape gets drier as we get closer to Barstow

Shopping Stop at Barstow: Tanger Outlet Shopping

Stage 3 - Barstow to Laughlin:

By the time we left Barstow, the sun had set already, so no photos of this stage... We arrived at Laughlin quite late at night, and had our hotel stop there. (Btw, the hotel had a casino)


Lauglin continued:

Woke up and looked out of the hotel room window to find out that we were next to a river:

Later, I found out that it was the Colorado River :D

Stage 4 - Lauglin to Williams:

As we travelled from Laughlin, the dry, desert landscape continued...

But shortly after having a short break (where the above photo was taken), we started seeing snow on the ground:

Lunch Stop at Williams:

By the time we reached the place where we were having lunch, the snow was a thick layer on the ground:

Stage 5 - Williams to Tusayan:

The name Tusayan might not ring any bells, but this sign does:

We headed further into the Colorado Plateau, into a pine forest:

We arrived in Tusayan in the late afternoon for the Nat Geo IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon (Plus the buying of souvenirs). By the time we headed to our hotel, the sky was turning dark...

To Be Continued...

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