Friday, December 4, 2009

Vivocity Fireworks - Year III

As December arrived, it was once again time for Vivocity's Anniversary celebrations; this year being their third year. And continuing the practice of previous years, they did it once again with a spectacular fireworks display of many different colours and styles.

Here are some of my better shots from the event. (The top photo is published through my Flickr; I was trying out their 'Post to Blog' function. It's rather troublesome though, and I re-edited it anyway.)

Also, I shot this series of fireworks in portrait, as I wasn't sure how high they would go. In the end, I overestimated the height by far... Shooting in portrait format ment that parts of the fireworks got cut off at one side as well, and I had to do quite a lot of cropping to even out the composition of the shots.

The first time (that I remember anyway) seeing fireworks in pink.
Very pretty.

And fireworks in purple, which I don't think is too common a colour I've seen either. But it looks nice too.

Anyway, if you've noticed that the photos of this post look sharper and clearer than those of older posts, thats because I experimented with linking over the images directly from Flickr, rather than using the usual (but easier) method of uploading to Blogger/Picasa.

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