Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post-exam City Walk

Finished my final paper for the exams (and the semester), and the first thing I decided to do was to head to Sydney CBD to take photos (Okay, actually I decided before the paper...).

Took the bus to Circular Quay, without any clear plan of what I was going to do, except may wait for the sunset. After hanging around the area for a short while, taking random shots of the Opera House, I decided to go round the corner to Dawes Point and Millers Point to take a look (and take photos) of some of the stuff I had learnt about in GEOS 2641.

Walsh Bay

Urban Renewal of Old Wharves

By the time I was at Walsh Bay, the sky was already rapidly becoming overcast, but I just decided to continue walking around and taking photos until the rain came.

Millers Point

From Walsh Bay, I headed to Millers Point, and finally found out where Barangaroo was.

Barangaroo Tower

View from Millers Point to Hickson Road and Barangaroo

Millers Point was a pretty interesting location, with all its gentrified Victorian housing (I think its Victorian anyway, lol), tucked in a quiet corner not 5 minutes from the CBD.

Country home in the City

Gentrified Houses

While looking around the place, the rain finally came. I sought shelter, then decided to walk down to Darling Harbour to get a bus to return home. It was a really long walk...(Route taken: Circular Quay - Dawes Point - Millers Point - Darling Harbour)

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