Sunday, February 8, 2009

Destinations USA 08 - DAY 2 - Universal Studios

Okay, continuing on...

After Hollywood, we spent the rest of the day at Universal Studios:

We took the Jurassic Park ride:

The Mummy ride:

And watched the 'Waterworld' show, which was full of stunts:


And a flying wooden plane:

We also watched the usual backstage effects stuff, which didn't allow for photography, so no photos of those.

We visited their Haunted House:

Which was rather fun, because they used real actors to dress up and scare people.

Went for the Simpsons Simulator Ride and met the Simpsons:

By the time we were done with that and went for the terminator show/simulator thing, night had fallen (It was just before 5pm only). We sat around, had dinner (fast food), did some shopping, and watched a performance, before meeting the tour coach and going back to the hotel...

All in all, a very typical day at a Theme Park.

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